Monday, January 4, 2010

From Judy Becker

A poem arrived in my inbox the other day from Judy Becker.

Happy New Year.
the snow is snowing
the wind is blowing (with gusts to 50mph)
and the fluorescent lights are glowing
over gesneriad seedlings that are growing

Judy is the proprietress of Lauray of Salisbury, a wonderful establishment that grows and sells gesneriads, orchids, begonias, cacti and succulents. Judy's greenhouse is half way between Bob's mother's home in Connecticut and my dad's in Massachusetts, so we try to stop and visit and shop when we make a pilgrimage to see the folks. Lauray is a wonderful place to find those plant treasures you can't do without, even if you have to bring them 3000 miles on a plane to get them home.

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Anonymous said...

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